Deck Fill Protection Device
Deck Fill Protection Device
Manufactured by Marsh Marine...Tank Cleaning Professionals         “Our experience is your protection since 1966”
Diesel Fuel...Keeping It Clean...Continued: T hese are the things you can do to keep your fuel clean: * U se   your   boat   regularly.      Boats   idle   for   long   periods   of   time   provide   the perfect,   stagnant   environment   for   diesel   fuel   deterioration   and   biological growth formation. * P urchase   fuel   from   a   reliable   source.      If   the   fuel   is   not   clean   to   start,   it won’t get better with time. * I nstall   the   largest   fuel   filters   you   can.     There   is   no   such   thing   as   too   large   a fuel   filter.      Examine   your   fuel   filters   regularly   and   change   them   frequently.     Filters are cheap compared to engine repairs! * I f   you   do   not   have   them,   install AlgaeX   magnetic   fuel   conditioners   on   the fuel   intake   lines   (See   Photo   3).      These   no-maintenance   units   break   the molecular bonds in Asphaltenes and thus prevent their agglomeration. * U se   a   quality    fuel   additive.     These   specialized   chemicals   will   provide   protection   for   your   fuel.     But   beware,   these   additives   are   totally   unregulated   by   any   government   agency   and   many   offer nothing   but   smoke   and   mirror   claims.      A   good   additive   should   provide:   a   fuel   stabilizer    to reduce   storage   deterioration,   a   lubricity   agent   to   lubricate   the   fuel   delivery   components,   a biocide  to prevent any biological growth, and most importantly, prevent and dissolve sludge . W ith   fuel   being   the   life   blood   of   your   boat   and   too   expensive   to waste,   you   must   develop   a   fuel   maintenance   program   such   as outlined   above.      If   you   don’t,   save   my   phone   ‘cause   eventually you’ll be calling me.               
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Asphaltene Sludge
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Deck Fill Protection Device