Manufactured by Marsh Marine...Tank Cleaning Professionals         “Our experience is your protection since 1966”
Deck Fill Protection Device
Marsh Marine ... Who We Are
Marsh   Marine   is   a   mobile   marine   service   company   located   in the   Charleston,   South   Carolina   area.      Established   in   1966   by owner    Marshall    Solomon,    it    specializes    in    fuel    and    tank cleaning.     Additional   services   include   marine   air   conditioning raw   water   system   clean   out,   heat   exchanger   de-scaling,   and OceanLED   underwater   lights.      Drawing   on   many   years   of marine   experience,   Marsh   Marine   has   established   itself   as   a respected   and   concerned   leader   in   innovative   solutions   and outstanding    customer    service.        Our    FillGuard    deck    fill protection   device   is   the   result   of   recognizing   the   need   for   a solution    to    the    very    common    and    expensive    problem    of accidentally filling the wrong deck fill.