Manufactured by Marsh Marine...Tank Cleaning Professionals         “Our experience is your protection since 1966”
OceanLED UW lights...Continued S ince   they   are   kept   cool   by   the   surrounding   water,   all their    lights    have    a    built    in    overheat    cutoff    which protects   the   light   should   any   condition   occur   which might   cause   them   to   overheat.      This   clever   safety simply   shuts   off   the   light   until   the   proper   temperature is   restored.      OceanLED   even   provides   a   removable plastic    cover    over    the    light    lens    to    make    bottom painting   a   snap.      The   actual   lens   is   a   special   optical material    which    OceanLED    calls    Tritonium .        This space   age   material   provides   fantastic   light   dispersal which     literally     outshines     all     competition.          All OceanLED lights carry a two year warranty . T he     real     thrill     is     running     with     these     lights illuminating   the   wake   behind   the   boat!      The   wake light   will   stretch   out   behind   the   moving   boat   as   if   you are   trailing   the   blast   of   some Atlas   rocket.      It   is   truly   a rush   to   see.      If   you   want   to   add   something   fresh   and exciting   to   your   ho   hum”   boating   experience,   check out   OceanLED’s   underwater   lights.      You   will   not   be disappointed, I promise you. For more information on OceanLED underwater lights contact them at 954-523-2250 or see their website
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