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OceanLED UW lights...Continued A dditionally,   these   LED   lights   will   shine   fully   bright   throughout   their   entire   lifespan.     To   me   the   clear   choice   is   a light   that   uses   the   least   amount   of   electricity,   operates   with   at   a   low   temperature,   has   the   brightest   light   output, and   lasts   the   longest.      OceanLED   meets   all   of   these   criteria   while   also   offering   a   variety   of   colors,   mounting options, and materials. D epending    on    the    vessel’s    size and   the   light   model,   these   lights can       be       mounted       anywhere beneath     the     waterline     from     6 inches    to    20    inches.        Spacing between    lights    is    a    matter    of preference,   and   budget!      Larger yachts   often   have   them   every   few feet      completely      around      the vessel.      Smaller   boats   generally have   two   or   better   still,   three   of them across the stern. O ceanLED   offers   colors   of   white,   blue,   and   green.      In clear   waters   like   those   of   Florida   or   the   Keys,   white   is best   with   blue   a   good   second   choice.      For   more   opaque waters   like   those   of   Georgia,   South   Carolina,   and   North Carolina,   blue   followed   by   green   works   best.      Photo   1 was     taken     in     our     cloudy     Charleston     harbor     with OceanLED blue lights. T he   quality   of   OceanLED’s   products   is   impeccable   and installing    these    lights    is    relatively    easy.        OceanLED offers     several     light     sizes,     mounting     options,     and materials.      I   prefer   their   Thru-Hull   models   which   are made   of   heavy   bronze   and   require   only   a   small   one   inch hole   (See   Photo   1).      Be   sure   to   locate   the   drilling   position so   it   is   free   from   internal   obstructions   and   above   the   bilge   water   level.      Electrical   connections   are   made   using supplied   waterproof,   snap   together   plugs   which   integrate   a   transformer   which   OceanLED   calls   a   Driver .      This unit   is   in   turn   connected   to   a   fused,   switched   power   supply   generally   located   on   the   dash   panel.      These   Drivers are available in 12 - 24 volt DC or 110 volt AC.
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