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OceanLED UW lights...Continued I n   the   case   of   Xenon   and   HID   bulbs,   they   will lose,   on   average,   50%   of   their   light   output   by   the time   they   have   reached   their   half   life.      Cutting right   to   the   bottom   line,   LED   lights   use   the   least amount     of     electricity,     produce     the     greatest amount   of   light   output,   are   far   cooler,   and   last tremendously   longer   than   any   other   underwater light.      They   are   the   light   bulb   of   the   future,   here today.     Take   a   look   at   new   car   tail   lights   and   most traffic   signals.     All   are   moving   to   LEDs.      The   far and   away   leader   in   marine   underwater   lighting   is OceanLED,   and   international   company   with   its U.S.   distribution   center   located   in   Ft.   Lauderdale, Florida.      Just   for   life   expectancy   alone,   compare: Halogen   lights   have   a   life   of   approximately   500 to   1,000   hours;   Xenon   has   some   1,000   to   3,000 hours;   and   HIDs   have   about   3,000   to   5,000   hours.      OceanLED   lights   will   last   40,000   to   60,000   hours!      You could run the things constantly 24/7 for more time than most people will own their boat! 
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