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Ocean LED ... The Best Underwater Lights!
T he bottom line reason for a boat is to have fun, so this article I want to review a product that literally radiates fun. M ost   of   the   time   my   job   is   solving   some problem   with   fuel   or   AC   cooling,   but   now and   then   I   do   get   to   do   something   a   little different   like   installing      underwater   lights. My    criteria    is    quality    and    performance. When    first    I    set    about    doing    product research,   it   came   as   a   bit   of   a   surprise   to me    to    discover    there    were    such    a    large number   and   variety   of   underwater   lights. Having    waded    through    the    process    of selecting    the    right    product,    I    thought    an article   about   underwater   lights   might   be   a beneficial time saver to our readers. B efore   you   dismiss   the   idea   of   underwater   lighting   as   a   frivolity,   do   yourself   a   favor   and   read   on.      My   first inclination   about   underwater   lights   was   that   they   were   merely   a   novelty   too,   but   by   the   time   I’d   completed   the installation   and   witnessed   these   lights   in   action,   I   became   a   pleased   supporter   whose   opinion   had   changed   180 degrees.      Of   all   the   devices   I’ve   installed   on   boats   over   my   40   plus   years   in   the   marine   business,   nothing   has   given me such pleasure and pure fun than seeing these lights do their thing at night. B efore   I   get   too   fired   up   and   too   far   ahead   of   my   story,   let’s   begin   by   sorting   out   how   underwater   lights   are   used   and the   types   available.     As   you   might   first   conclude,   these   lights   add   effect   to   the   water   surrounding   a   boat,   much   like   a pool   light   adds   ambiance   to   your   yard.      For   those   of   you   who   need   more   practical   benefits,   they   make   a   most dramatic   way   to   locate   a   vessel   in   trouble   from   aloft.      For   you   fishing   guys,   they   attract   bait   fish   like   you   would   not believe!      Fish   are   drawn   to   the   light   like   steel   to   a   magnet.     At   anchor   with   these   lights   on,   it   is   both   entertaining   and awesome   to   view   the   scene   in   what   amounts   to   a   private   aquarium   right   off   your   stern.      Sit   back   with   a   cool   one   and soak up what boating is suppose to be all! T here   are   basically   five   types   of   underwater   lights:   incandescent,   Halogen,   Xenon,   HID,   and   LED.      Incandescent   are simply   standard   DC   bulbs   encased   in   some   sort   of   waterproof   housing.      These   are   last   century’s   technology,   totally out   dated.      More   modern   are   Halogen,   Xenon,   and   HID   bulbs.      These   last   three   are   brighter   and   last   longer   than incandescent, but suffer from major faults.  They use too much electricity (amps) and produce significant heat.  
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