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T he    Freedom Lift    can   handle   dinghies   and   PWCs   up   to   800   pounds and   is   made   from   powder   coated,   high   grade   T-6   marine   grade aluminum   with   all   stainless   steel   hardware.      The   lift   uses   a   small electro-hydraulic   pump   unit   which   generally   can   be   installed   inside the   boat’s   stern.      Freedom Lift    is   conscience   of   the   environment and   uses   special   biodegradable   hydraulic   oil   should   a   leak   ever occur.        Construction    is    beefy    and    solid,    yet    light    weight.    The company   provides   a   very   complete   installation   package   including fasteners. T he   installation   manual   is   thorough   and   fairly   straightforward,   but installation   is   best   done   by   marine   professionals.      There   are   many considerations   to   be   taken   into   account   and   drilling   holes   in   the stern   of   one’s   boat   is   best   left   to   those   who   know   what   they   are doing. O ver   my   years   in   the   marine   industry,   I’ve   installed   pretty   much   every   type   dinghy   transport   device   made,   and for   my   money   Freedom Lift    has   a   solid   product   that   nicely   solves   the   tender   storage   problem   and   works effortlessly.  If you are considering some way to bring along your dink or PWC, checkout FreedomLift . F or   more   info   contact:      Bob   Zwiers   at   Freedom Lift ,   5340   6   Mile   Court   NW,   Comstock   Park   MI   49321. Phone: 616-784-8759, 866-543-8669 toll free, 616-784-0349 fax or their web site:   www. Freedom
Back Back Marshall Solomon is a forty year veteran of the marine industry and owner of Marsh Marine located in Charleston, SC.  His company is an AlgaeX service dealer for diesel fuel and tank cleaning, a service dealer for Barnacle Buster AC cleanout, and an installing dealer for OceanLED UW lights and FreedomLift tender lifts.  Please feel free to contact him at 843-813-8181 or email:
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