Manufactured by Marsh Marine...Tank Cleaning Professionals         “Our experience is your protection since 1966”
F rom     an     installer’s     standpoint,     I     was     very impressed   with   the   company   and   their   product. For   starters,   their   phone   was   answered   by   a   real person   who   was   informed,   helpful,   and   patient. This    alone    is    a    rare    occurrence    in    our    menu driven,   impersonal   world.      Representative,   Bob Zwiers     tells     me     each     Freedom Lift      is     pre designed     for     the     specific     brand/model     boat intended.      Because   of   its   modular   components,   a broad    variety    of    stern    configurations    can    be accommodated    without    the    need    to    completely redo   the   unit   for   every   new   situation.      At   present there   are   some   45   different   boat   brand   designs available,   and   the   company   is   happy   to   work   with clients   to   meet   virtually   any   need.   According   to Bob,   the   lift   was   introduced   about   five   years   ago and   has   been   used   on   boats   from   32   to   85   feet.     Sales    are    made    directly    from    the    factory    or through boat yards and marine installers.
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Deck Fill Protection Device