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FreedomLIFT ... Carry Your Tender in Style
D inghies,   tenders,   whatever   you   choose   to   call   them   are   a   mix   of   pleasure   and   pain.      No   question   a   good   tender can   greatly   enhance   one’s   cruising   experience,   plus   provide   an   additional   measure   of   safety   should   the   mother ship   become   disabled   or   worse,   sink.      The   big   dilemma   is   how   to   bring   the   thing   along.      Towing   is   common,   but the   seemingly   magnetic   attraction   for   props   to   eat   the   tow   line   creates   a   big   risk.      Backing   into   a   slip   is   virtually impossible   and   the   bump,   bump,   bump   chorus   of   dinghy   hitting   against   the   hull   can   make   for   a   restless   night’s sleep.      Loading   the   dinghy   completely   aboard   usually   involves   a   hinge   or   hanging   mechanism   attached   to   the stern   or   swim   platform.      Often   davits,   a   lifting   boom,   or   a   hydraulic   hoist   are   employed.      With   any   of   these devices   there   are   trade-offs   and   problems,   most   commonly,   losing   precious   deck   space   and   the   loss   of   some stability by having added weight aloft. W e    had    the    opportunity    to    install    a    clever product    called    a    Freedom Lift    on    a    Cruisers 455   motor   yacht.      The   client   wanted   a   better method   to   carry,   load,   and   launch   an   inflatable. After       carefully       considering       what       the marketplace     offered,     we     recommended     the Freedom Lift .       This    nifty    lift    attaches    to    the transom   and   uses   strong   hydraulic   cylinders   to raise   and   lower   a   cradle   upon   which   the   tender nestles.        If    a    swim    platform    is    present,    it mounts    underneath    using    extension    arms    to place   the   dinghy   aft   of   the   platform.      What   is particularly   unique   about   this   lift   is   that   it   takes up   no   deck   space   and   is   operated   by   either   a corded    control    or    a    nifty    wireless    keychain remote.      By   simply   releasing   two   safety   locks and   pressing   the   DOWN   button   on   the   remote, one   can   easily   launch   most   any   dinghy   or   personal   watercraft   in   less   than   15   seconds.      If   your   wife   is   like   mine, we   always   go   through   her   dread   of   boarding   or   deboarding   a   floating   dinghy.      I   suppose   it’s   the   fear   that   the   boat will   drift   away   before   she   is   safely   across   the   watery   gap   between.      With   Freedom Lift    this   is   a   snap   since   the cradle   holds   the   dinghy   securely   in   place.      This   feature   also   makes   loading   bulky   stuff   like   groceries   and   boating gear   so   much   easier.   When   it   comes   time   to   load   the   dink   aboard,   just   drive   it   onto   the   partially   submerged cradle,   step   off,   and   press   UP   on   the   remote.      Freedom Lift    does   all   the   work   with   no   loss   of   swim   platform space.  Let me tell you, it does not get any easier.  
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