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Marine AC...Keeping it Cool Continued: B efore   I   close,   let   me   comment   on   a   practice   that   every   boat   owner   with   an AC   unit   should   beware   of.      This   is the   placing   of   swimming   pool   purification   tablets   into   the   AC   raw   water   strainer.      These   tablets,   which   are various   forms   of   Chlorine   or   Bromine,   have   been   tried   with   the   expectation   that   they   will   prevent   this   marine growth   problem.      Before   you   try   this,   or   if   you   are   doing   it,   I   would   seriously   urge   you,   DON’T!      These chemicals   work   great   in   pools   but   aboard   boats   they   can   cause   some   serious   and   expensive   equipment   damage and even create a health hazard. B oth   of   these   chemicals   are   very   strong   oxidizers,   which   mean   they   will   corrode   most   metals   and   eventually harm   seals   and   hoses.      I   have   seen   many   a   strainer   basket   eaten   away   by   them.      If   these   chemicals   damage stainless   strainer   baskets   think   about   the   potential   damage   to   the AC   heat   exchanger.      Now   we   are   talking   big money! F urthermore,   Bromine   in   the   presence   of   any   moisture   results   in   the   formation   of   hydrobromic   acid,   a   fuming acid,   which,   besides   being   very   aggressive   to   most   materials,   can   be   fatal   if   swallowed   or   inhaled.      Either chemical   will   cause   severe   burns   to   every   area   of   body   contact;   affect   the   respiratory   system,   eyes,   central nervous   system,   and   skin.      In   contact   with   other   materials   or   chemicals   they   may   even   cause   fire.      If   you   have either   of   these   chemical   tablets   aboard,   get   them   off   your   boat   at   once!      It   is   too   easy   for   bottles   to   leak   and vaporize.      Mixed   with   the   often   damp   confines   of   a   boat,   this   is   a   formula   for   disaster.      If   you   have   been storing   such   tablets   aboard   and   someone   has   been   having   any   symptoms   of   skin,   eye,   throat,   or   respiratory irritation, you may well have learned the source of the cause. C omfort    is    paramount    to    boating    enjoyment.        Information    is    the    tool    we    need    to    stay    abreast    of    new developments.      I   hope   you   have   gained   some   new   knowledge   about   your AC   system   and   how   Barnacle   Buster can help you keep it cool. 
Back Back Marshall Solomon is a forty year veteran of the marine industry and owner of Marsh Marine located in Charleston, SC.  His company is an AlgaeX service dealer for diesel fuel and tank cleaning, a service dealer for Barnacle Buster AC cleanout, and an installing dealer for OceanLED UW lights and FreedomLift tender lifts.  Please feel free to contact him at 843-813-8181 or email:
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