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Racor Filter Cleanig...Continued: S ome   technicians   will   disassemble   the   entire   Racor   unit   by removing    the    plastic    bowl    and    turbine    assembly.        This takes   more   time   and   parts   which   they   can   charge   you   for! There   are   times   when   this   is   necessary,   but   I   do   it   only when   there   is   no   other   choice.      Here’s   why   (See   Photo   4). Four   bolts   attach   a   metal   ring   band   to   the   bottom   of   the filter   unit.      This   band   holds   the   plastic   bowl   to   the   filter housing.      In   this   band   ring   is   a   rubber   gasket.      This   gasket   usually   will   swell up   once   it   is   free   of   its   positioning   groove   and   cannot   be   used   again.      This expansion   is   due   to   contact   with   the   fuel.      It   is   very   frustrating   to   find   you cannot   put   the   filter   back   together   with   the   now   oversized   gasket.     A   gasket service   kit   is   available   for   this   situation,   but   why   spent   $30   bucks   unless   it’s necessary.      Here   is   another   tip.      The   lid   for   the   filter   housing   has   a   rubber gasket   in   its   under   side,   and   a   new   gasket   comes   with   each   new   filter element.      This   gasket   is   the   same   as   the   ring   band   gasket   and   can   be   used   in a   pinch.      The   lid   and   “T”   handle   gaskets   can   generally   be   used   more   than once if you find yourself without a replacement. A s   I’ve   said,   I   seldom   remove   the   bowl   and   turbine,   but   if   there   is   evidence of   thick   sludge   in   the   bowl   and   hanging   debris   from   the   turbine,   it   must   be done.      The   reason   is   that   inside   the   turbine   assembly,   which   screws   apart,   is a   small,   hollow   metal   ball   and   a   round   sealing   gasket   which   is   installed smooth   side   towards   the   ball   (See   Insert   Photo   4   and   5).      This   device   serves as   a   check   valve   to   prevent   fuel   back   flow   to   the   tank   whenever   the   engine   is not   pumping   fuel.      The   check   valve   prevents   dirty   fuel   from   the   bowl   contaminating   the   tank.      If   there   are   heavy deposits   of   sludge   in   the   filter   unit,   this   check   valve   can   become   clogged   to   the   point   where   it   cannot   function,   and if   bad   enough,   can   completely   close   off   fuel   entry   to   the filter   assembly.      If   the   Racor   needs   disassembly,   you   will need   the   service   kit    so   all   internal   gaskets   and   seals   can   be replaced.      These   kits   are   something   you   should   have   in   your spares kit.  Get them! T he   bowl   drain   is   typically   sealed   with   a   threaded   pipe   plug, or   on   newer   models   a   plastic   petcock   which   permits   tools free   opening   to   drain   off   water   or   sludge.      Often   these   will plug   with   debris.      It   is   a   good   idea   at   each   filter   change   to open    the    drain    and    insert    a    length    of    stiff    wire    or    tiny screwdriver   blade   to   insure   the   drain   is   clear.      This   way   if   a time   comes   when   things   are   less   than   ideal,   say   in   a   rolling sea, you’ll have one less problem with which to deal.
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Deck Fill Protection Device