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Racor Filter Cleaning...Continued: W ith   the   filter   element   removed   we   turn   our   attention   to   the   canister. This is   where   so   many   mechanics   get   lazy.     The   inclination   is   to   simply   slide   in a   new   filter.      WRONG!      Notice   the   fuel   remaining   in   the   unit.      It   is   foul with   debris   which   has   drained   off   the   old   filter.      If   you   do   not   remove this,   your   new   filter   will   start   its   life   in   a   bath   of   dirty   fuel.      This   fuel must   be   removed.      To   do   this   you   can   open   the   drain   beneath   the   plastic bowl   and   heat   shield   and   simply   let   it   run   into   your   bucket   or   the   plastic bag.      Here’s   another   tip.      I   use   a   hand   vacuum   pump   like   that   used   to change   engine   oil   (See   Photo   2).      I   place   the   suction   hose   into   the   filter assembly and pump out all of the dirty fuel.  Works great! T he   assembly   is   now   drained,   but   we   are   not   yet   ready   for   the   new   filter. A   look   inside   will   most   likely   reveal   collected   Asphaltenes   on   the   walls, tubes,   and   the   turbine   assembly.      We   need   to   clean   this   mess   out.      How   to clean   the   inside   is   based   upon   how   much   trash   has   collected   on   the turbine   and   in   the   bowl   beneath.      If   you’ve   been   good   about   changing filters   regularly   and   there   is   only   a   small   amount   of   sediment,   say   less than   a   quarter   inch   deep,   and   there are    no    signs    of    strings    of    sludge hanging    off    the    turbine,    pouring some    fresh    fuel    through    the    unit will   probably   do   the   job.      Here   is   a really    good    tip.        I    use    a    plastic garden   sprayer   filled   with   fresh   fuel to   clean   the   inside   (See   Photo   4).      You   can   purchase   these   for   around   ten dollars   or   less   at   any   Lowes   or   Home   Depot.      Don’t   waste   money   on fancy   ones   because   eventually   the   diesel   fuel   will   destroy   the   rubber valves   inside   the   pump.      Cheap   ones   will   last   just   as   long   as   expensive ones.     Also,   be   sure   to   get   one   with   a   plastic   spray   tube ,   not   metal.     You will   need   to   cut   off   the   adjustment   nozzle   on   the   end.      Do   this   with   a utility   blade   or   saw   and   crimp   the   end   of   the   remaining   tube   with   needle- pliers   to   close   the   end   hole   a   bit.      Without   the   bulky   nozzle,   the   plastic tube   will   flex   and   fit   down   past   the   turbine   so   you   can   thoroughly   direct the   spray   into   all   areas   of   the   filter   casing   and   bowl.      This   technique works   like   a   power   washer   and   will   do   an   excellent   job   of   cleaning   the insides.      With   fuel   in   the   bowl,   another   trick   is   to   feed   a   thin,   straw   like tube   down   into   the   bowl   sludge   and   blow   air   to   loosen   the   debris      This done,   either   drain   or   pump   out   the   wash   out   fuel   and   repeat   till   the   filter assembly, turbine, and bowl are clean.
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